Sunday, September 21, 2008


waaah! a new program! I spent all day on this one because I tried to use the Goto command with a variable. It turns out that instead of looking for the number that is the value of X, the Goto command, instead looks for the letter "X" itself! .. Anyway, it was foolish of me. Also, most people don't use the Goto command.
check this out: XKCD =p

Anyway, what does this program do? What do those numbers mean? What does it count down to? ... Could it be counting the minutes to the season premiere of Heroes? --- or could it be counting down to the official announcement/event of Google's Android powered HTC Dream?
Nobody knows... yet =p .. you'll see

**Edit** I will be releasing this program in school within my calculator suite which includes:
-reliable program for lines
-for the Quadratic formula
-and this.. my most recent program


Carmen said...

You sound so different on here. xD

hugh s said...