Sunday, September 14, 2008

Clean.bat - compcare

I wrote this batch program a while ago, actually.  basically what it does is manages your harddrive (It does what YOU should do, FOR you) though, those tasks are very tedious, i like to keep my computer in good health.  Everything here is original except the sleep command and i used JkDefrag as my defragmenter.

I originally wrote this program on an XP machine.
Just recently, my dad bought me a new computer (i was quite surprised) but the computer runs Windows Vista.
i quickly realized that this program did not work on this machine.  Then, i rewrote the whole thing

from scratch.  At first, I wrote a seperate set of commands for both Windows XP and Vista, and the program worked! I tried it on both.
The bad thing about that is, it made the program unbearably long, it was a bit excessive.
so what i did was introduce variables to cover the differences between the two operating systems and the program was shortened to nearly half its original length!

When i finally finished (probably still needs a lot of work) I decided to make a USB version. I do carry this copy around with me, and if someone happens to need it, I just drag it straight to their desktop (The desktop directory was one of the differences between XP and Vista) and it works!